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Sergio Rossi was established in the 1960s in San Mauro Pascoli in Italy, with an experience and a long history to relay on for know-how and heritage.  Skillful artisans have been hand creating Sergio Rossi shoes for the past 50 years, the Italian Maestria is part of every step from the initial vision and sketches to the final creation.  The perfect pair of Sergio Rossi shoes require 120 steps and 14 hours of work.

In 2016, under the guide of a new management team, Sergio Rossi makes a fresh start seeking to bring back the historic luxury brand to its DNA by embracing quality, craftsmanship and authenticity. In 2017, the image of the brand undertakes an important refresh, the new packaging and the new store concept embody the distinctive characteristic of the DNA of the brand.  A modern image that represents the Sergio Rossi woman, sophisticated, dynamic and who never takes herself too seriously.

Sergio Rossi 品牌建立於1960年代意大利San Mauro Pascoli,有著豐富的經驗和悠久的歷史。

靈巧的工匠們在過去50年一直親手製造Sergio Rossi鞋履,意式工藝貫穿最初的構思、草圖及成品。一雙完美的Sergio Rossi鞋履需要經過120道工序和14小時工作製成。

2016年,在新的管理團隊領導下,力求將奢華品牌的悠久歷史注入現代DNA中; Sergio Rossi通過質量、手工藝和原創性重拾品牌身份。 2017年,Sergio Rossi 的品牌形象發生了重要革新,全新包裝和全新的店鋪概念,體現了品牌獨特DNA的本質精髓,同時詮釋了Sergio Rossi女性精緻、活力以及不過分自恃的摩登態度。