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Philipp Plein differentiates itself thanks to its creations for people that intuitionally choose the extraordinary things in brand. Distinguished by an unconventional and non-conformist style combined with impeccable craftsmanship. The collection comprises men’s women’s and children’s clothing and accessories. Collection has attracted a great repercussion in the fashion industry. Exaggerating eye-catching but non-mainstream design, there is a magic around the art of Philipp Plein in black that is unforgettable.

Philipp Plein 是个不羁奢侈生活品牌,用不墨守成规的态度来营造独特的DNA元素。精致材料、大胆创新风格和摇滚式的精神,打造成服饰、皮具、珠宝配饰及各类家居等。品牌向来具争议性著称,用狂野来挑战消费者的道德底线。每个系列都为时尚界带来具大回响. 夸张夺目却非主流的设计,令人沉醉在PHILIPP PLEIN的黑色幽默中。