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G Givenchy

Contemporary menswear essentials redefined

Long feted for its avant-garde spirit, the house of Givenchy breaks new ground once more with the creation of G Givenchy, a new contemporary menswear brand of designed essentials.

Building upon the codes that have come to define the house of Givenchy, G Givenchy’s style is more than classics with a twist; the signature aesthetic is one of beautifully constructed clothes for every day.

The designs are modern and youthful with a strong emphasis on subtle detailing and use of eclectic custom made materials in staple men’s silhouette.

Launching with a full collection of ready-to-wear and accessories, it is designed for the modern man with a global outlook. G Givenchy speaks to men who understand the essence of great design but still want their notions of contemporary menswear challenged.

秉承GIVENCHY一直以来前卫大胆的作风,品牌工作室再次带来崭新突破,创立全新品牌G GIVENCHY,一个在男装必备服饰上加入大量时尚设计元素的全新现代男装品牌。 建基於GIVENCHY工作室的一贯风格及标志上,G GIVENCHY以新颖的手法带来经典的变奏,打造一系列适合每天穿着的时尚男装。 时尚年轻的设计,强调低调的细节,并运用独特的物料为男士打造一系列不可或缺的时尚服饰。 全个系列包括高级成衣及配饰,特别为宏观世界的男士悉心打造。G GIVENCHY融荟时装设计精髓,勇於挑战男装传统,将男装定义重新改写。